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We support UNDP Country Offices by combining our digital expertise with your specific program knowledge. This means you can build better products and services for your projects.
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The UNDP Digital Standards.

Standards create excellence. The UNDP Digital standards enable decentralized digitalization at scale and unlock new possibilities for over 5,000 projects across the world.
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Robert Opp

Chief Digital Officer UNDP

The Digital Fitness programme is designed to bring together global best practices in digital with UNDP’s unique capacity to deliver impact. The programme is aimed to ensure UNDP is able to use digital to amplify our development impact.
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Most Accessed Resources

A Sanity Check
Sanity checks are purposeful stops in a process to ensure that things are going according to plan.
Build vs Buy Calculator
A useful calculator to understand the different costs in buying vs building a digital solution
Building a Digital Information Infrastructure (Infostructure) for Health
WHO guide to assist countries with the advancement of their national digital health system, specifically through the use of a digital health platform
Communication for Development Toolkit
Practical guidance for strengthening ongoing awareness-raising information campaigns and related outreach through the application of Communication for Development (C4D).
Corporate Website Best Practices.
An overview of key considerations when developing websites
Design kit
IDEO.org field guide to Human-Centered Design
Design Sprint Explained
The entire Design Sprint process explained, in only 8 minutes.
Digital Capacity Database
A curated database of external digital capacity training resources
Digital Regulation Handbook
ITU guide to enabling policy and regulatory environment for digital technology
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